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WCUB Sessions

We are working on the Agenda and adding speakers every day. Here is a list of the sessions we are planning for WCUB 2023

Career Panels

Academic Careers Beyond the Tenure Track

Careers in Bioinformatics and Genomics

Careers in Data Science, Analytics & Visualization

Careers in Disciplinary Societies

Careers in Finance & Equity Research

Careers in K-12 Education

Careers in Marketing

Careers in Medical Communications

Careers in Non-Profits and Foundations

Careers in Patent Law and Tech Transfer

Careers in Publications

Careers in Sales and Field Application Specialties

Careers in Science Outreach and Informal Education

Careers in Science Policy

Careers in STEM Undergraduate Education

Careers in Technology and Business Development

Choosing a Traditional or Non-Traditional Postdoc

Consulting Careers

Faculty Positions in Academia

Government Careers

Medical Science Liaison Careers

Non-Research Industry Careers

Public Health

Research Careers In Industry


A Strong CV Is Not Enough: What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You

Can I Stay, Or Should I Go?: A Visa Workshop

Career Satisfaction

Confidence Coaching for PhDs

Getting Your First Job: How To Become “Business-Ready”

Grant Writing Workshop

Humble PhD and Postdoc: Overcoming Career Challenges

Interview on Zoom: Perfecting the Small Screen

Negotiations Workshop

NRSA Fellowships

Professional Development on a PhD's Schedule

Resume Workshop

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